Types of Heartworm Treatment for Your Dog or Cat

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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner which means that parasites like heartworms are on the rise. Before you treat your pet with heartworm medication, you first have to be sure that they’re not currently infected. If your pet does not have heartworms, your mobile veterinarian in Kalamazoo will recommend heartworm medication that is best for your pet’s needs. Once the medicine is chosen it’s important to make sure future doses are administered on schedule. In the US, it’s actually important for our dogs and cats to be given heartworm medicine year round.


The most commonly used heartworm medications are oral tablets or chewables that are administered monthly. These oral medications usually do more than just kill heartworm larvae. They are also effective at eliminating internal parasites your pet pick up as well as making it so fleas are unable to produce live eggs. If you choose to give your pet oral heartworm medication, make sure you monitor them and are sure they have eaten the whole dose.


Topical heartworm medication is put directly onto the skin on the back of your dog or cats neck or between the shoulder blades (where it’s hard for them to reach). The great thing about this medication is that it also works hard to prevent or kill fleas on both cats and dogs and even prevent ticks in dogs and some internal parasites in cats.


There has been controversy in the past in regards to heartworm medication injections for dogs and side effects that occur. This method should only be administered by a licensed and trained professional and recorded.

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