What to Do When You Get a New Puppy

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Getting a new puppy is definitely an exciting time, but can also be stressful especially if it’s the first time you have ever gotten a puppy. Some of the stuff on the list should be done before you get the puppy, but as we all know, time can get away from us. In this post, we will look at what to do in the first week you have your new puppy.

First, make sure you pick up any items that the puppy may chew or hurt themselves on. These items commonly include shoes, toys, books, socks, electrical cords, and any other loose items that puppies may see as a delicacy. When you first bring the puppy home, you shouldn’t give them full access to the house. Let them get acclimated first. You should also pick up a puppy crate, puppy food, chew toys and other toys, training treats, pet stain remover, collar, and leash.

If you have a family, it’s important to get everyone on the same page as far as what is allowed for the puppy and who will take care of the puppy at what times. It’s important to create a consistent routine that works for the puppy and your family. This includes figuring out the times for bathroom breaks, exercise, meals, and bed/wake-up times.

In the first week you should hold off on introducing the puppy to all of your friends and family, let them get acclimated first. You should also introduce them to their crate, begin housetraining, take them to the vet (or mobile veterinarian in Kalamazoo), and PLAY! Always make sure you are ready for the effort, training, and time commitment involved before you get a puppy.

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