Your Kalamazoo Mobile Vet Shares Information About Choosing Safe Chew Toys for Your Dog

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As any dog owners know, dogs love to chew on things (some more than others, of course). Unfortunately, this innate habit can be dangerous and destructive. Providing your dog with safe and desirable chew toys is your best option to protect your pet and your belongings. And, in this post, your Kalamazoo mobile vet will share information about how to choose safe chew toys for your dog.

Consider your dog’s chewing style.

As you are looking for safe chew toys for your dog, you should use your dog’s chewing style/habits to help you decide. Some dogs prefer to nibble while others are likely to destroy any toy that’s given to them. If they tend to destroy stuff, do not give them toys with small parts that can be taken off and swallowed. You also should not give your dog a toy that can fit fully in their mouth or one that’s too big for them to play with as they will probably be less likely to chew on it.

Choosing safe chew toys for your dog.

The most important thing is to ensure the toy is made in the U.S., is durable, and made with all-natural materials and dyes. Unfortunately, there have been many instances where dogs have gotten sick with salmonella and other illnesses from chew toys that come from overseas. These toys can also contain chemicals that can make your dog sick.

Types of chew toys to choose from.

Balls. Dogs, in general, enjoy playing with balls. You should make sure they’re the right size and made of durable material, like rubber.

Distraction toys. The most popular distraction toy is a Kong. They are very durable and can stand up to even the most destructive chewing. Kongs are great because they can be filled with treats that your dog will enjoy working on getting out.

Bone toys. Rawhides should not be given to your dog as they are unsafe. However, Kong and other similar products like Nylabone, are an excellent safer alternative

Comfort toys. There are many dogs who enjoy chewing on something soft. However, it is recommended that you should avoid toys with arms, legs, tails, or squeakers. And, if your dog is considered a destructive chewer, you should avoid giving them stuffed toys.

You should always watch your pet when they’re playing with a toy, especially if it’s one that they have not played with before. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the premier Kalamazoo mobile vet, Creature Comfort, today!

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